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Wordlists which are uploaded
(Wordlists which are uploaded)
좀 있다가 문서가 만개를 넘을 테니까 그 때부터는 또 자유로운 사람이 될거야 ^-^
[[User:Mithridates|Mithridates]] 13:11, 1 Jun 2005 (UTC)
== Wordlists which are uploaded ==
Hi, I am Sabine, admin of the it.wiktionary.org, I saw you are doing a great job adding all those words - as that is what is needed to start to complete things. There was the mention of "did you see the 9000 words there - they are only stubs" on the wiktionary mailing list. Something that made me think a lot, as I believe every addition and if it is just a translation is worth the effort. The only thing I noted is that you have all words capitalised - this is not so good for a dictionary - many wiktionaries have capitalsiation off since this then shows the exact word even in the title of the page. Maybe you should consider to have programmers take captialisation off - I also can ask for this if you want me to do so - this would need some work, as you already uploaded a lot of things, but it is better to do this now than uploading even more and than need to do it for other reasons. May I ask you if the words you have are in tables? If yes: are they available? This way we could create the inter wiki pages on it.wiktionary (at least for the Italian words) - and maybe have them at disposal to offer them for download and ask who would contribute and complete these lists also in other languages. For now I need to go back to my work. Have a great day! Ciao! --[[User:SabineCretella|SabineCretella]] 16:03, 1 Jun 2005 (UTC)