Uzanto Debato:Conversion script

Hi! – Whoever you are you should discuss about this conversion made by you with the sysop. It’s such a vast chance. Your activity has lead to such a stupidy as “main Page”. Now all proper nouns are beginning with lower case as “africa”. All templates of the languages are now leading nowhere. And in Ido the names of languages begin with upper case. What about the German nouns? The English names of the months?

You are acting here anonymously so I consider you as a vandalist til you introduce yourself. (Se Vu esas samideano, ni skribos per Ido.)

I admit that the lower case is better but not in every time. You should advise how to eliminate the useless chance of case and how you can choose the case. – Sysop Artomo 08:36, 23 February 2006 (UTC)

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