Angliana redaktar

(like) quale;
(according to) segun;
(so great, good, much, etc.) tante;
(therefore) do;
(followed by an adj.) tam.
so to speak - quaze.
so that - por ke (followed by imperative).
so far - til nun; til ta punto.
and so on - e tale pluse.
do not speak to me so - ne parolez ad me talamaniere.
so is the father, so is the son - quale patro, tala filio.
I think so - me tale pensas.
so you have come - nu! vu arivis.
so he went - do il iris.
he is so obstinate - il esas tante obstinanta.
so much that - tante ke.
so often - tante ofte.
so so - pasabla, pasable.
if it is so - se ol esas tala.
I am so sick - me esas tante malada.
why so? - pro quo?
I say this, so you may be prepared - me dicas to, por ke vu esez preparita.
so as - por.
so what -
(on vartas traduko)

II. (mus.) sol.

Germaniana redaktar

so sehr tante; (beim Vergleich) tam.
so viel, so sehr - tante.
so … wie - tam … kam.

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