Angliana redaktar

(from) de
(broken off) ruptita; cesita; separita;
(switched off, turned off) ekswichita
we are poorly off: ni esas povra o desricha;
five kilometers (metres) off: distanta per 5 km.;
off and on: kun interrupti, kun halti, de tempo a tempo;
take off the hat: deprenar la chapelo;
off with him: forduktez il!
I am off: me iras;
hats > hands off: abasez la chapeli > manui!
to be off colour (color): havar nejusta koloro;
ten meters (metres) off from me: ye dek metri de me;
he ran off - il forkuris;
a great way off from here: for de hike;
to put off: ajornar;
to show off: ostentar.
to tear off: arachar;
to cut off: detranchar (ulo);
the clasp is off: l'agrafo esas separita (od, desligita);
the marriage is off: la mariajo esas ruptita;
the gun went off: la fusilo pafis;
off with you: forirez vu!
to pay off: (a bill, etc.) quitigar;
to be off side: esar exter la termino o limito;
the vessel is off the harbor (harbour): la navo esas avan o proxim la portuo;
off the hinges: separita de la gondi.