Afrikansa redaktar

Angliana redaktar

I. (n.)

back of hand - manu-dorso.
by hand (delivery) -
(on vartas traduko)
make by hand - manu-fabrikar.
hand pressure, hand shake - manu-preso.
hand rest - manu-apogilo.
hand written - manu-skribita.
sleight of hand - jonglo, jonglado.
hand labour - manu-laborado, manu-laboruro.
treat / work with the hand - manipular.
read the hand of - kiromanciar (ulu).
live from hand to mouth - vivar de una dio ad ultra.
lay violent hands on - violentar, male traktar.
hands off - abasez la manui!
give a hand to - (fig.) helpar.
give a free hand - donar plenipotenco ad ulu; donar plena povo (facar ulo).
with a masterly hand - per maestrala manuo, maestrale.
he is not much of a hand at cards - il ne esas tre habila / bona en kartoludo.
write a fine hand - skribar bele.
he is an old hand - il esas des-novico.
  • (as phase, place)
at first hand - de unesma fonto, de l’ originalo.
at second hand - de duesma fonto, mediate.
on the one hand - unlatere.
on the other hand - altralatere.
  • (as a sign of power, control)
at hand, under the hand of - (fig.) pronta; apude.
take a high hand - dominacar.
take a hand in an affair - partoprenar afero, okupar su pri afero.
force the hand of - koaktar (ulu facar ulo).
ask for the hand of a woman - demandar muliero kom spozino.
on hand - (com.) en butiko, en magazino.
change hands - chanjar la mastro, la proprietanto.
have on one’s hands - entratenar, suportar.
come to hand - recevesar.
(of money, etc.) pass from hand to hand - cirkular.

II. (v.) donar, ofrar la manuo.

hand over - transdonar, (lead) duktar.
hand down - transmisar, (by tradition) tradicionar.
hand around - pasigar de manuo a manuo.
hand on - transsendar
(on vartas traduko)

Nederlandana redaktar

Suediana redaktar

lägga sista handen vid (ngt) - finisar.
ta hand om - asumar (pri).