(with motion) adsur;
(on the side of) an;
(concerning) pri;
(by means of) per;
(time, occasion) en, lor, pos;
(immediately afterwards) quik;
a ship upon the sea: navo sur la maro;
to jump upon the bed: saltar adsur la lito;
he lives upon this street: il lojas an ica strado;
the window upon the street: la fenestro an la strado;
a discourse upon Ido: diskurso pri Ido;
to swear upon his hono(u)r: jurar per sua honoro;
to live upon meat: vivar per karno;
upon this: pos to;
depend upon someone: fidar ad ulu;
the effect depends upon the cause: l'efekto dependas de la kauzo;
upon his death: lor lua morto; (quik pos lua morto);
I was upon a journey: me esis voyajanta;
act upon instructions: agar segun instrucioni;
upon the first of January: ye l'unesmo di januaro;
upon pain of death: ye mortiso-puniso;
upon the whole: sume, en sumo; egarde-ante (ad) omno;
upon these terms: en, sub, segun ica kondicioni;
upon my word: vere!